Why Dogs and Food?

Why Dogs and Food?

It's simple. Write about what you love. And what is better than dogs and food? If you are anything like me - and millions of other people - you will relate to and understand the unwavering love I have for my dogs and my passion for cooking - and eating - great food. I hope you will enjoy reading about my day to day experiences with good food and a couple of very special dogs.

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Monday, February 28, 2011

The Bald Frog with the Wig

"It's not easy being green" (and bald!)
~ Kermit the Frog

My boys like it when I tell them stories. Yes, I realize they just like to hear the sound of my voice but it does my heart good to watch their attentive little faces looking up at me so adoringly when I talk to them.

I was recently asked a random question by "Google" in which I was supposed to respond and it would be posted on my Google profile. I suppose this exercise is meant to give my readers a little more insight about me. The question was: The children are waiting! Please tell them the story about the bald frog with the wig.

I said to myself: Fun!

So, I wrote my non-musical little ditty in a Dr. Suess-like fashion only to find that I was allowed to post just 400 characters. Hmmm. Not many characters to write a meaningful children's story - don't ya agree?

So, I shaved it down to a few lines to fit my profile and then decided to post it in its entirety here on my blog (as Walter and Henry liked it so well.) Truly, I am not as mad as a Hatter; or, perhaps I am, but have just accepted it. Or maybe I am feeling a little creative on Academy Award Sunday.

Indulge me, please.

I am sure many others with a Google profile have been asked to take on this very same task so there are probably many little stories of The Bald Frog with the Wig floating around out there!

Here is my version:

There once was a frog with no hair on his head;
He was sad and embarrassed to get out of bed.
His friend came one day and asked him to play,
But the frog with no hair just sent him away.

The friend felt so bad that he hopped away sad;
But he had an idea that soon made him glad!
He would purchase a wig!
He would make his friend smile!
He would bring it to him in just a short while!

So, he hopped to the wig store and purchased the hair;
He offered a price that was way more than fair.
Then he carried the wig in his mouth with great care,
And hopped to his friend’s house to end his despair.

The bald frog was pleased and he put on the wig,
And proceeded to do his best froggy jig.
I have hair! said the frog.
I have hair on my head!
And now I can smile and get out of my bed!

So he hopped off the bed and outside on the ground,
And he hopped and he hopped and he hopped all around!
He hopped up so high and up to the sky;
He hopped and he hopped so far and so wide.

But soon he grew tired and needed to rest,
So he lay down and slept and he slept and he slept;
But when he awakened, he had such a fright;
As he glanced in the river he saw a strange sight!
A frog with a wig? That didn’t look right!

And behind him, his frog-friends all giggled with glee;
This wig was so silly he could now clearly see!
The thing is: his frog-friends have no hair at all!
For frogs, he now learned, are supposed to be bald!



Susan Campisi said...

That's a great story, Liz! It could've been written by Dr. Seuss - and that of course is a high compliment. Maybe you can start writing children's books. I think you have real talent.

Liz Berry said...

Sue! Thanks for commenting as usual! Funny you should write that as I have told Brian numerous times I would love to write children's books...I am very good at limericks and such and can come up with them quite quickly as I find it to be so much fun.

claire said...

Lizard, I so love your blogs, you
absolutely should have been a writer,
I truly mean a serious author. You
are always so entertaining. You sound
like you have a wonderful life, and
you deserve it. xoxox

Liz Berry said...

Thank you, Claire! I do love to write...not sure I am serious author material but so pleased you like to read my stories. Makes me happy!

mtom said...
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Jetnosfreak said...

"I finally understand, what BLOGGER wanted from me(The bald frog with a wig).No offence to Google, but I honestly thought they were speaking in code or something.Kinda like;remember this phrase.It will be your password till the day you die or stopped using Google!Anyways, thanks for clearing things up for me.Btw; I loved your story.Very professional if I may say so.I'm not much of a writer and inherently lazy, so I'll just leave it at that and stick with my warped theory(codes, passwords etc...)Can't hurt to have both!Kudos to Google.You've clearly written a wonderful story for children.Thank you; Liz Berry.Regards to your beautiful family and farewell!"- Patrick

Jetnosfreak said...