Why Dogs and Food?

Why Dogs and Food?

It's simple. Write about what you love. And what is better than dogs and food? If you are anything like me - and millions of other people - you will relate to and understand the unwavering love I have for my dogs and my passion for cooking - and eating - great food. I hope you will enjoy reading about my day to day experiences with good food and a couple of very special dogs.

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Whole Foods, Real Food

At Whole Foods Market, they talk about their mission in terms of Whole Foods – Whole People – Whole Planet. And they mean what they say.

Since we moved to Tiburon, naturally we had to find a new grocery store. There is a Safeway in nearby Mill Valley which is fine and we shop there often.

And there is also a Whole Foods Market.

I always thought that Whole Foods was only for specialty items and was more expensive than the other grocery chains. Wrong. We have found that the prices are reasonable and even if some things cost a little more at times, it’s worth it because we know we are getting natural and organic food that makes us feel good about what we are eating.

You can’t beat their wholesome produce and organic herbs; fresh fish and meats; home-baked breads and rich aged cheddar and parmesan cheeses. Their bake-at-home butternut squash and goat cheese pizza is delectable and their garlic hummus and lemon artichoke dips are, well, as good as they sound! We even buy our cat food and other pet treats at Whole Foods and the boys agree that everything is yummy. I have been cooking up a storm and our meals have been outstanding.

Here’s a look at what was on my cutting board for dinner tonight. Fresh, organic and colorful produce from Whole Foods Market.

My apologies if this post sounds like a commercial advertisement for Whole Foods. I guess I am gushing because I can’t believe I have settled for less than this all these years. Sure, I have shopped for produce at the Farmer’s Market from time to time (which was in town only once a week) but now we have this Whole Foods Market available to us every day of the week.

I am certainly hooked on Whole Foods and also like their dedication to the environment and their attention to quality and health. It makes ME feel whole.


Susan Campisi said...

I love Whole Foods, too! I shop at Trader Joe's for some things, but for produce and organic milk and cheeses, you can't beat Whole Foods. Unfortunately I can't cook like you can so my meals can be kind of mundane but at least they're healthy.

Liz Berry said...

I knew you would know about and love Whole Foods! It's the best. Brian LOVES to do the shopping there and actually looks forward to his visits. Besides milk and cheese, they have good fish and even meats. Mac loves their cat food and it is not expensive! I am a definitely a fan as you can see!