Why Dogs and Food?

Why Dogs and Food?

It's simple. Write about what you love. And what is better than dogs and food? If you are anything like me - and millions of other people - you will relate to and understand the unwavering love I have for my dogs and my passion for cooking - and eating - great food. I hope you will enjoy reading about my day to day experiences with good food and a couple of very special dogs.

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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

"Every dog has his day."

Quote by Miguel de Cervantes

And today is HENRY'S day!

Henry is sporting his red birthday scarf and totally enjoying a giant bully stick as a special birthday treat! Henry is 8 years old today. He was born in Canada to Annie and Strummer of Kyon Kennels and was delivered into our lives at 9 weeks old.
We picked up Henry at the Denver International Airport and before I could even see his beautiful little face I could hear him barking in the back of the Cargo terminal. He was quite the center of attention that day at the terminal and as I signed the documents to claim my new baby boy, I had to hold him in my arms to keep him from barking and yelping and trying to knock down the crate door. It was love at first sight and the love affair is still going strong 8 years later.
Henry is Walter's little brother and his best friend. He is bright, obedient, funny and a lover and protector of his family.

Happy Birthday, my beautiful boy!


Susan Campisi said...

Oh, how did I miss Henry's birthday?! Pardon me, Henry. Happy Belated Birthday!! Looks like you had a great day with your bully stick. Love that last photo. Henry's a beauty!

Liz Berry said...

Henry says thank you for the birthday wishes and gives you a sweet kiss........and yes, he enjoyed the bully stick and his walk in the rain!