Why Dogs and Food?

Why Dogs and Food?

It's simple. Write about what you love. And what is better than dogs and food? If you are anything like me - and millions of other people - you will relate to and understand the unwavering love I have for my dogs and my passion for cooking - and eating - great food. I hope you will enjoy reading about my day to day experiences with good food and a couple of very special dogs.

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Friday, October 07, 2011

Room with a View

"Tell me what you feel in your room when the full moon is shining in upon you...~ Henry Frederic Amiel

The Buckeye Roadhouse in Marin County

Brian and I decided to have lunch at the Buckeye Roadhouse today.  It’s a great little Marin County restaurant located off Highway 101 between Mill Valley and Sausalito.  With its Aspen lodge-like ambiance that features vaulted ceilings, a river-rock fireplace and a cozy, rustic bar area, Brian and I felt our Colorado roots tugging at us the first time we stepped foot inside the place. 

The food is prepared with fresh, local ingredients - which is something I adore about dining and food shopping in the Bay Area.  There is a wholesome goodness to every bite – even if indulging in a burger and fries.  The burgers are pure organic angus beef and the fries are, well, fries, but pretty close to perfection.   Have you ever had garlic-herb French fries?  If you haven’t, try them at the Buckeye Roadhouse - you are in for a treat.  Brian had a grilled Santa Fe chicken sandwich on a sourdough bun topped with avocado, jack cheese and chipotle mayo – another one of their delicious sandwiches.  We have been eating low carb, healthy meals and salads for weeks and this was indeed a treat well worth waiting for.

Now for some clarity on the title of this post:  “A Room with a View”.  The Buckeye Roadhouse doesn’t provide the views you might expect. I think most folks would agree that one dines at the Buckeye Roadhouse for the food, the ambiance and the wonderfully friendly service - and not necessarily the view. 

Today, however, we sat in a booth that faced the bar.  Right at the moment I began to sink my teeth into my perfectly grilled, juicy burger, I noticed that I indeed, did have a view!  Lucky me! 

I could not resist:  I placed my burger down on my plate and in a flash, with iPhone in hand, undetected, took my best shot.


Ta da!
Half Moon?

Yep, right there on the bar stool in front of me – for the rest of the meal - this was my view.   It brought a whole new meaning to the slogan " Just wait'll we get our Hanes on you!"  

Where is Michael Jordan when you need him?!


Unknown said...

Haha! That is hilarious!

And as soon as I saw "Marin County" I was jealous - Marin is my favorite place in the entire world! (I have family in Fairfax and San Rafael.) I'll definitely have to try out that restaraunt next time I'm in town!

dive said...

Hee hee hee!
Organic buns ahoy!

Liz Berry said...

Carrie - yes, Marin County is lovely! We moved up here several months ago from La Jolla in Southern CA (also lovely) for work and despite leaving the perfect San Diego weather behind, we adore this area. Both San Rafael and Fairfax are such nice little towns as well. Great restaurants abound!

Dive: Yes, organic indeed! I felt a little guilty taking a photo...I had the whole body shot but cropped it out of guilt! HA!

Susan Campisi said...

Ha ha! Liz, you're so funny! That was a great twist to this little tale. Food sounds amazing. I'm keeping a list of places I want to go when I visit. I'm going to have to stay a month to sample all the amazing restaurants up there.

Liz Berry said...

oh, yes, Sue a month at the very least....this is food heaven up here. Of course, I mostly write about all the fattening stuff we eat! HA! Better be careful or I will end up looking like Mr. Half Moon!